Ruger Mini 14 Hogue overmolded gun stock

Hogue's overmolded stocks fit Mini 14, Mini 30, and Ranch Rifles, with factory issued barrels. THEY DO NOT FIT "180 series" guns (the serial number prefix is "180"). To install, mount the action to the stock, insert the trigger group, and lock the trigger guard into place. American made and quality made by Hogue. It is an ambidextrous design, with cobblestone textured grip and forearm. The "skin" is cushioning neoprene (pistol grip type) rubber. Similar in style to Ruger's factory issued sporter stock, these can be used by left or right-handed shooters. The rubber pad stays on the shoulder nicely during shooting sessions.

Ruger Mini 14 Hogue overmolded stock

For a sporter-type Mini stock, this one is an excellent choice!

liner view of Hogue overmolded stock

No liner needed

side view of textured Hogue grip

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