Ruger Mini 30 laminated wood thumbhole stock

Ruger Ranch Rifles, Mini 14, and Mini 30 look and feel great in Revolution laminated wood gun stocks. Users won't need to sacrifice the "warmth of wood" to get a durable stock. Laminated wood offers gorgeous color combinations, wood grain, and enormous strength also. Featuring a 1/2" thin, rubber recoil pad. Just use the stock liners from the original, Ruger factory wood stock. Ruger's synthetic stocked, all weather Mini's do not come with these liners. All Revolution stocks are American made, from American hardwoods. These stocks are now made by Keystone Sporting Arms (Crickett Arms) under the Revolution Stocks brand name, and were formerly made by Revival Industries.

The laminated wood Tundra (pictured above on a Ruger Mini 30) is a thumbhole stock that is legal in all U.S. States, except California. It comes either as right handed or left handed. There is no ambidextrous version of the Tundra.

Ruger Mini 14 laminated wood stock

Revolution Explorer (pictured below) is similar to the factory Ruger wood stock in design, and can be used by right or left-handed shooters. It is legal in all U.S. States. The "Explorer" model is a traditional sporter stock and is ambidextrous. Sling swivels are sold separately. Prices start at $169.00 and all colors and availability are shown on our e-commerce store, where you can check out securely, or call in an order.

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